JM-Perlen - alt til Grønlandsk perlesyning, perlebroderi og smykker

Stitch with Beads
: Diamond Dotz Kits with all materials
: Bead embroidery Kits with all materials
: Post cards / Christmas  Cards Kits inc all materials - even card and envelope
: Purses and Cases 
: Picture Frames Frames for Beadwork
: Patterns for Bead Embroidery DMC, Oehlenschlaegger, Permin, Lindner, Elises
: Beads for Stitching ... See also beads in other item groups
   : 11/0 beads 11/0 Toho Beads (JM-Perlen) in 40g/20g bags
      : 11/0 beads - Volume Sales 11/0 TOHO Beads in 500g bags
      : 11/0 Triangle Beads 11/0 TOHO Triangle Beads
      : 11/0 Xtra Beads .. 11/0 TOHO Beads exstra colors in 20g bags
   : Facet beads Facet Beads, strained glass
   : Color Card Color Card - Beads on papir
   : Spangles Spangles
   : Wax beads/ glass beads Also known as Roman Beads
: Fabric and Bags Aida fabric and bags with parts of aida for beadwork


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