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Specialized shop for beadwork, bead embroidery and bead jewelleries.

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Ingrid Elise Design Patterns s202203 - s202212 ingrid Elise Design 2022 (in Swedish)

Ingrid Elise Design Patterns 202105 - 202112 ingrid Elise Design 2021 (in Swedish)

JM-Perlens mission is to supply materials and inspiration to passionated Bead Working people, (in Danish called “Perlehøns" ie. Bead Chicks) and thereby contribute to the future of this small exclusive group around the world.
In order to contribute to the future of the animal species Guinea Fowl (Bead Chicks), we decided to sponsor these animals in the Copenhagen ZOO Sponsor (look down below at sponsorklub)

- See the instruction video on How-To-Do JM-Perlen embroideries on aida fabric (must be signed-on)

- In 2013 JM-Perlen took over all rights to Stenboden pattern books for bead working (** Copying is still not allowed **)

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Below you find some random example of Products from our Database

Elisés pattern s0810 - easter girl 4,5cm, easter girl 3cm, basket 3cm, Easter egg 2,4cm, Easter egg 3cm, Easter
Price: 40.00 DKK

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Elisés pattern s2008 - tablecloth, bells, ampler, birds, candlestick for tea candle light
Price: 40.00 DKK

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9/0 Bead 005b (500g):
9/0 Bead no 5b - approx 500g
Price: 410.00 DKK

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Stenboden patterns 2006, collected kit all 16 patterns for 2006 ( normal price 592 kr)
Price: 530.00 DKK

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