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Specialized shop for beadwork, bead embroidery and bead jewelleries.

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New colours in TOHO 15/0 round

New 2020 Patterns (in Danish) JM-Perlen 2013 - 2020 (in Danish)

Ingrid Elise Design Patterns 202004 - 06 Ingrid Elise Design 2020 (In Swedish)

JM-Perlens mission is to supply materials and inspiration to passionated Bead Working people, (in Danish called “Perlehøns" ie. Bead Chicks) and thereby contribute to the future of this small exclusive group around the world.
In order to contribute to the future of the animal species Guinea Fowl (Bead Chicks), we decided to sponsor these animals in the Copenhagen ZOO Sponsor (look down below at sponsorklub)

- See the instruction video on How-To-Do JM-Perlen embroideries on aida fabric (must be signed-on)

- In 2013 JM-Perlen took over all rights to Stenboden pattern books for bead working (** Copying is still not allowed **)

"News and New Products

Below you find some random example of Products from our Database

Silamide nylon thread with wax, dark green 36,8m. slår not so easy knowder, as "normal" non waxed thread.
Price: 20.00 DKK

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Stenboden mouseter broschüre 2001 - vase, puppe 8cm, vase 34cl, feuerzeughülle, puppe 17cm
Price: 40.00 DKK

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Anne agger/JM-Perlen pattern aa1405 (14-d2) - halloween 11/0: witch approx. 10 cm. gryde approx. 5,3 cm., pumpkin
Price: 40.00 DKK

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Plastic  drop:
Plastic  drop splitable 14,5cm
Price: 25.00 DKK

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